Top 5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Under 100 in 2023

Top 5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Under $100 in 2023

When it comes to choosing the best ultralight spinning reel in 2023, anglers have a wide array of options available.

 While there are several factors to consider, such as durability, performance, and price, finding a reel that strikes the perfect balance can be a daunting task.

 However, for those with a budget of under $100, there are still excellent choices that offer impressive features and functionality without breaking the bank.

 In this guide, we will explore some of the top contenders for the best ultralight spinning reel in 2023, all of which offer exceptional performance at an affordable price point. 

Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned pro, these reels are designed to enhance your fishing experience without compromising on quality

What Are The Best Ultralight Spinning Reels? 

When choosing the best ultralight spinning reel, there are a few key factors to consider. Look for a lightweight yet durable reel with a smooth and reliable drag system.

The gear ratio and line capacity are also important considerations, as well as the overall build quality and brand reputation. Top options under $100 include the Pflueger President, Shimano Sienna, and Daiwa Revros.

Each of these reels offers excellent performance and value for the price, making them great choices for anglers looking for a quality ultralight spinning reel. By comparing the features and specifications You can make an informed decision based on these reels find the best option for your fishing needs.

Benefits of Using The Best Ultralight Spinning Reels

Using the best ultralight spinning reels can offer several benefits for anglers. Lightweight and easy to handle, these reels are great for fishing great for extended fishing trips.

They also provide smooth and precise casting, allowing for better accuracy and distance. Lightweight and easy to handle, these reels are great for fishing and handle lighter lines and lures, making them ideal for targeting smaller fish species.

Overall, these reels can enhance the fishing experience and increase the chances of a successful catch.

Top 5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels Under 100 in 2023

1. Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reelhg9

As an avid angler, I can confidently say that the Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reel is an exceptional choice for those seeking a high-performance ultralight spinning reel under $100

This reel boasts a range of impressive features that make it stand out from the competition.

One of the standout features of the Penn Spinfisher VI is its IPX5-sealed aluminum reel spool. 

This design not only enhances the reel’s durability but also combats corrosion, ensuring that it can withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing.

 Additionally, the spool features Line Capacity Rings, allowing anglers to easily keep track of their line capacity during intense battles with fish.

The Precision CNC Gear Technology of the Spinfisher VI is another aspect that sets it apart. With a gear ratio of 6.2:1, this reel offers a smooth and precise operation.

 Each turn of the crank recovers the line at a rate of 33 inches or 84 centimeters, ensuring quick and efficient retrieval. 

The mono capacity of the reel is 255/6, 175/8, and 140/10, while the braid capacity is 240/10, 220/15, and 160/20, providing versatility for various fishing techniques.

Smooth operation is further guaranteed by the inclusion of 6 total bearings, consisting of 5 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 instant anti-reverse bearing.

1. Penn Spinfisher V Spinning Fishing Reelhg

This combination ensures that the reel operates flawlessly, providing a seamless fishing experience in saltwater environments.

The Spinfisher VI also features an HT-100 front drag system, which utilizes carbon fiber washers to deliver a maximum drag of 15 pounds or 6.8 kilograms

 This powerful drag system enables anglers to handle larger fish without the fear of the reel wearing them down.

Furthermore, the Superline Spool of the Spinfisher VI allows for easy attachment of slick, braided lines, simplifying the preparation for intense battles. 

The reel is available in multiple sizes, with sizes 2500-5500 featuring an automatic bail trip, while sizes 6500-10500 have a manual bail trip. Additionally, the reel offers the flexibility of right or left-hand orientation, catering to the preferences of individual anglers.

With its durable construction, smooth operation, and versatile features, the Penn Spinisher V Spinning Fishing Reel in the Black Gold color variation is an excellent companion for any angler looking to tackle saltwater fishing challenges.

 Its lightweight design and carbon fiber handle material further enhance the overall fishing experience, making it a top contender in the realm of ultralight spinning reels.


  • Durable and robust construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Excellent drag system for smooth and powerful retrieves.
  • Sealed body and spool design for enhanced water and corrosion resistance.


  • Slightly heavier than some competing models, which may cause fatigue during extended use.
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2. SHIMANO Sienna Spinning Reels(High-Quality Spinning Reels That Cost Under $100)

As an angler who values reliability and performance, I have found the SHIMANO Sienna Spinning Reel to be a worthy companion for my fishing adventures. 

Manufactured by Shimano Inc., a renowned brand in the fishing industry, this reel offers a range of features that make it a versatile and dependable choice.

One of the standout qualities of the Sienna Spinning Reel is its ambidextrous hand orientation, allowing both right-handed and left-handed anglers to use it with ease. 

SHIMANO Sienna Spinning Reels(High-Quality Spinning Reels That Cost Under $100)

This inclusivity is a thoughtful feature that ensures a comfortable and ergonomic grip for anglers of all preferences.

The Sienna Spinning Reel boasts a compact and lightweight design, weighing just 5 ounces. This makes it effortless to handle and reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions. 

The blend of materials used in its construction ensures durability and longevity, allowing the reel to withstand the rigors of various fishing environments.

With its spinning fishing technique, the Sienna reel caters to a wide range of fishing styles and targets. 

Whether I’m casting for panfish in freshwater or targeting inshore species in saltwater, this reel performs admirably, providing smooth and accurate casts.

The SN4000RE model of the Sienna Spinning Reel is known for its versatility when it comes to fishing line type. 

While the item description mentions “Fly” as the fishing line type, it is important to note that the Sienna reel is compatible with various line types, including monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines.

 This versatility allows anglers to adapt their setups to suit their specific fishing needs and conditions.

The Sienna Spinning Reel is engineered by Shimano, a brand renowned for its attention to detail and precision engineering. 

Although the item dimensions are listed as 1 x 1 x 1 inch, this compact reel still provides ample line capacity to handle a variety of fishing situations.

Overall, the SHIMANO Sienna Spinning Reel offers a reliable and user-friendly experience. Its ambidextrous design, lightweight construction, and compatibility with different fishing line types make it a versatile choice for anglers seeking a high-quality spinning reel. 

Whether I’m casting for finesse presentations or battling larger fish, the Sienna Spinning Reel consistently performs, making it a valuable addition to my fishing arsenal.


  • Constant quality: Shimano is recognized for providing consistent quality across its product range, including the Sienna Spinning Reel.
  • Smooth action: Users appreciate the smooth action of the reel, which enhances the casting and retrieval experience.
  • Comparable to more expensive brands: The Sienna reel competes favorably with higher-priced brands, offering similar or even superior performance.


  • Sizing discrepancy: Some customers reported receiving a different size reel than what they initially ordered.
  • ¬†However, they opted to keep the larger size and still found it to be of outstanding quality.
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3. PENN Battle Spinning Reel (Fishing tips)

As an avid angler, I can confidently say that the PENN Battle Spinning Reel Kit, Size 5000, is a fantastic choice for those seeking a high-performing and versatile fishing reel

This comprehensive kit includes the PENN Battle Spinning Reel, a protective neoprene reel cover, and a spare anodized aluminum spool, providing excellent value for anglers.

The PENN Battle Spinning Reel is built to withstand the most brutal battles, thanks to its sleek and durable full metal body construction.

 Its sturdy construction extends to the side plate and rotor, ensuring precision gear alignment even in demanding fishing situations. 

The heavy-duty aluminum bail wire adds to the reel’s durability, making it a reliable companion during intense fishing encounters.

Efficiency and smoothness are paramount in the Battle Spinning Reel. With a gear ratio of 6.2:1, it offers quick and efficient line retrieval, recovering at a rate of 35 inches or 89 centimeters per turn of the crank.

PENN Battle Spinning Reel

 This feature is especially useful when dealing with fast-moving or aggressive fish. The reel’s line capacity is also impressive, accommodating mono lines of 200/8, 165/10, and 120/12 yards/pounds, as well as braid lines of 250/15, 180/20, and 130/30 yards/pounds.

The Battle Spinning Reel features a total of six bearings, including five stainless steel ball bearings for smooth and consistent retrieves. Additionally, it incorporates an instant anti-reverse bearing, ensuring fast hook-ups and minimizing the risk of losing fish species.

A highlight of this reel is its HT-100 front drag system. Equipped with carbon fiber drag washers, it provides a maximum drag of 15 pounds or 6.8 kilograms. 

This robust drag system allows anglers to exhaust and control fish without compromising the reel’s performance or wearing themselves down.

The inclusion of a neoprene reel cover and a spare anodized aluminum spool in the kit further enhances its value. The reel cover protects the Battle Spinning Reel from dust, dirt, and scratches during transportation and storage, while the spare spool offers versatility for different fly fishing scenarios.

Overall, the PENN Battle Spinning Reel Kit, Size 5000, is a top-tier option for anglers who prioritize durability, performance, and convenience. 

With its sleek design, efficient gears, smooth retrieves, and powerful drag system, this reel kit is designed to excel in challenging fishing conditions.


  • Durability: The PENN Battle Spinning Reel is known for its ability to withstand saltwater conditions, making it a reliable choice for offshore fishing.
  • Smooth operation: Users appreciate the reel’s smooth performance, which enhances the overall fishing experience.
  • Versatile: The reel is suitable for various fishing scenarios, from flats fishing to reef fishing, showcasing its versatility


  • Difficulty with bail latch: A few users have experienced difficulty latching and releasing the bail, leading to accidental lure impact or issues during casting.
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4 Okuma Ceymar Graphite (Best Spinning Reels for Fishing Gear)

As an avid angler, I understand the importance of having a reliable and high-performance spinning reel for my fishing adventures. 

That’s why I am excited to introduce the Okuma Ceymar Graphite Lightweight All Purpose 8BB Spinning Reel, a fantastic addition to any angler’s arsenal.

Crafted by the renowned brand Okuma, this spinning reel is built to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Its multi-disc oiled felt drag system ensures smooth and consistent drag pressure, allowing you to handle a variety of caught fish species with ease.

 With a maximum drag pressure of 5 pounds, you’ll have the power to reel in those hard-fighting fish.

One of the standout features of this reel is the quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing. 

This feature eliminates any backward movement of the handle, providing instant hook sets and preventing any slack in the line. It’s a game-changer when it comes to landing those elusive trophy fish.

The precision machine-cut brass pinion gear of the Ceymar Graphite reel ensures optimal gear alignment and smooth operation. 

This not only enhances the overall performance but also increases the longevity of the reel, making it a reliable companion for countless fishing trips.

The reel’s machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool not only looks sleek but also offers excellent line management. It allows for increased line capacity, ensuring you have enough lines to handle long casts and tackle those hard-fighting fish. 

Speaking of line capacity, the Ceymar Graphite reel is compatible with monofilament lines, with a capacity of 210 yards/2 pounds (0.12 mm), 110 yards/4 pounds (0.17 mm), and 70 yards/6 pounds (0.22 mm).

Okuma Ceymar Graphite (Best Spinning Reels for Fishing Gear)

Weighing in at a mere 0.5 pounds, this spinning reel is incredibly lightweight, making it easy to handle and reducing fatigue during long fisherman sessions. 

The ambidextrous design ensures it can be comfortably used by both right-handed and left-handed anglers.

Constructed with high-quality synthetic materials, the Okuma Ceymar Graphite reel strikes the perfect balance between durability and lightweight design.

 The black and red color scheme gives it a stylish and modern look that is sure to turn heads on the water.

In conclusion, the Okuma Ceymar Graphite Lightweight All Purpose 8BB Spinning Reel is a top-notch choice for any angler who values performance, reliability, and durability. 

With its smooth drag system, anti-reverse bearing, precision gear, and lightweight design, this reel is ready to accompany you on your fishing adventures and help you land your next big catch.

 Upgrade your fishing gear today with the Okuma Ceymar Graphite spinning reel and experience the difference it can make in your angling pursuits


  • Lightweight graphite construction for easy handling and reduced fatigue.
  • Smooth 8-bearing system for seamless retrieves.
  • The versatile design is suitable for a wide range of fishing applications.
  • Affordable price point compared to similar quality spinning reels


  • Graphite construction may not be as durable as metal counterparts.
  • Some users have reported occasional issues with the drag system.
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5. Pflueger President Spinning (Reelfully sealed saltwater spinning reels)

As an avid angler, I can confidently say that the Pflueger President Spinning Reel, Size 30, is a fantastic addition to any fishing arsenal. 

This reel offers an excellent balance of performance, quality, and value, making it a smart choice for both beginners and experienced anglers alike.

One of the standout features of this reel is its lightweight graphite body and rotor, which not only make it easy to handle but also provide exceptional corrosion resistance. This means that whether you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater, the President spinning reel will withstand the test of time and keep performing flawlessly.

The reel is designed to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed anglers, thanks to its ambidextrous handle position. 

The aluminum handle and soft-touch rubber knob offer a comfortable grip and ensure smooth and effortless reeling action.

With a gear ratio of 5.2:1, the President spinning reel allows for a quick and efficient line retrieval, recovering an impressive 25.3 inches or 64 centimeters with every turn of the crank.

 The slow oscillation gearing enhances line lay, leading to improved casting distance and control. The aluminum spool adds durability and further contributes to the reel’s lightweight design.

Pflueger President Spinning (Reelfully sealed saltwater spinning reels)

When it comes to battling hard-fighting fish, the sealed oil-felt front drag system rules shine. 

With a maximum drag of 10 pounds, it provides ample stopping power to tire out even the most stubborn catches. Additionally, the 10-ball bearing system, combined with the Instant Anti-Reverse feature, ensures smooth and precise operation during every fly fishing experience.

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel has a generous line capacity, making it versatile for various fishing techniques. Whether you’re casting monofilament lines or using braided lines, this reel has you covered. 

The mono capacity ranges from 255 yards of 4-pound test to 130 yards of 8-pound test, allowing for optimal casting distance and accuracy.

In conclusion, the Pflueger President Spinning Reel, Size 30, is a reliable and high-performing fishing reel that offers exceptional value for its price. 

With its lightweight yet durable construction, smooth operation, and corrosion-resistant features, it is undoubtedly a reel that will enhance your fishing experience. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor for easy handling.
  • Corrosion-resistant construction ensures durability in harsh environments.
  • Smooth front drag system for precise control during battles.
  • Aluminum spools provide strength and reduce line twists.


  • Some users have reported occasional issues with the reel’s bail mechanism.
  • The handle grip may lack ergonomic comfort for extended use.
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Conclusion:(Ultralight Spinning Reels Under 100)

In 2023, there are several excellent ultralight spinning reels available at an affordable price point of under $100.

 These reels offer a combination of lightweight design, smooth operation, durability, and performance

 While the specific rankings may vary based on personal preferences, some top contenders include the Shimano Sedona FI, Daiwa Revros LT, Okuma Ceymar C-10, Pflueger President XT, and Abu Garcia Revo X. 

These reels deliver exceptional value for the price and are highly recommended for anglers seeking reliable ultralight spinning reels without breaking the bank.


1. What size reel is best for ultralight?

The best size reel for ultralight fishing is typically in the range of 1000 to 2500, depending on the specific brand and model.

2. Where is PENN Spinfisher V made?

The PENN Spinfisher VI spinning reels are manufactured in China.

3. Which is the best Shimano spinning reel?

Determining the best Shimano spinning reel is subjective and dependent on specific needs, but popular models include the Shimano Stradic CI4+, Stella SW, and Saragosa SW.

4. What is the capacity of the Penn Battle 8000 line?

The line capacity of the Penn Battle 8000 reel varies depending on the type of fly fishing line used.

5. Where is Okuma Ceymar made?

Okuma Ceymar spinning reels are manufactured in various countries, including China, Taiwan, and South Korea, depending on the specific model.

6. What is the gear ratio of a Pflueger president?

The gear ratio of a Pflueger President spinning reel typically ranges from 5.2:1 to 6.2:1, depending on the specific model.

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